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What’s the most popular sport in the US? Football! From high school to college to the professional leagues it is top. You never have to miss another game. Check the schedule for live streams on vip box. Today the most watched television event in the United States is the Super Bowl and the average attendance for NFL games is nearly 67,000. But what if you can’t get to a game? Don’t worry, vip box has all the games you want to see. You can watch all football live streaming here. Although football games usually last around 3 hours, the ball is usually in play for just 11 minutes. More than 50% of the game on TV is spent on replays!
But where did football come from? It originated from rugby football some time in the 1860s with major changes in 1880. Played at first by University teams, successive rule changes created a more entertaining game while also attempting to improve player safety after several deaths! In 1876, a coach named Walter Camp, considered the “Father of American Football,” helped produce the first rules of American football. Among important changes were the introduction of line scrimmages and down-and-distance rules. The professional era started in 1892 and evolved into the main National Football League (NFL) in 1920. VIP has all your live NFL streams. You don’t need to spend time looking.
The NFL has 32 teams divided equally between the National Football Conference (NFC) and the American Football Conference (AFC). The season lasts 17 weeks from the week after Labor Day to the week after Christmas. Six teams (four division winners and two wild-card teams) from each conference compete in the NFL playoffs, a single-elimination tournament leading finally to the Super Bowl, played between the champions of the NFC and AFC.
Each conference is divided into 4 divisions and all teams have a particular nickname. But where did the nicknames come from?
West: Denver Broncos, Kansas City Chiefs, Oakland Raiders, San Diego Chargers. After moving to Kansas City in 1963 the Chiefs was chosen for the Native Americans that had lived in the area.
East: Buffalo Bills, Miami Dolphins, New England Patriots, New York Jets. The Jets got their name by playing in Shea Stadium close to LaGuardia Airport.
North: Baltimore Ravens, Cincinnati Bengals, Cleveland Browns, Pittsburgh Steelers. The Baltimore Ravens are named after Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Raven.” The team mascots are named Edgar, Allan, and Poe. Poe wrote his famous poem while living in Baltimore in the 1830s.
South: Houston Texans, Indianapolis Colts, Jacksonville Jaguars, Tennessee Titans. The Colts were originally the Baltimore Colts named for the region’s association with horse breeding. When they moved to Indianapolis they kept the name.
West: Arizona Cardinals, St. Louis Rams, San Francisco 49ers, Seattle Seahawks. The Arizona Cardinals get their name from their cardinal red jerseys in 1901 then added the cardinal bird in 1947.
East: Dallas Cowboys, New York Giants, Philadelphia Eagles, Washington Redskins. The Redskins name was meant to honor head coach and Native American William Henry “Lone Star” Dietz.
North: Chicago Bears, Detroit Lions, Green Bay Packers, Minnesota Vikings. The Indian Packing Company sponsored the Green Bay team and the name stuck.
South: Atlanta Falcons, Carolina Panthers, New Orleans Saints, Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Tampa Bay are named for the pirates who raided Florida’s coast in the 17th Century.

College Football is organized by the NCAAF with a system of Divisions, Playoffs and Bowls, such as the Sugar Bowl, the Fiesta Bowl and the Orange Bowl.
Check the schedule for all games. The sport is growing in popularity around the world with several established leagues and competitions such as the European Football League and the Eurobowl. The CFL in Canada is popular. The NCAAF is very competitive as a springboard to the NFL.
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